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“He is a crumb and I’m gone put my foot on his neck until he responds. Please make a record because a week it’s been out dog. I’m not taking nothing from Jay-Z as an artist. He ain’t no walk in the park but all I’m saying is I don’t got to jog to keep up to him.”

It looks like the union between Dwight Grant and Curtis Jackson is official as the two lyrical titans stood side by side on Philly radio airwaves with radio personalities The Hot Boyz.  Putting the rats in the fire, Sigel held no punches as he spit his truth about Roc-A-Fella and how Damon Dash and Jay-Z both played one of their most loyal soldiers.

Beanie Sigel discussed his plans to sign with 50 Cent a while back and how Jay-Z blocked a deal for The Broad Street Bully to make in upwards of $800-thousand.  Sigel also discussed Jigga’s sly remarks about Beans having two Bentleys which, according to Sigel, was far from the truth as “they just gave away monthly plans” with strings and chains attached.  Sigel further broke down his label State Property  saying,

“Now let’s talk about the record label I was supposed to have.  You didn’t give me a record label.  All I did was… it only cost a couple hundred dollars to search the name State Property Records.  Nobody owned it.   I paid a couple more hundred dollars and patented the LLC license so my record label only cost me around $750 to say that I owned State Property Records and I did that on my own.  You didn’t give me that.  And what artists were on that label so what did you give me?

The clothing line that I had.  I had 20% of State property clothing.  It was me, Jay, Dame and the two other Russians that had Roc-A-Wear owned State Property because I gave them an idea, pitched it to Dame and at the time because I saw him drawing close to me when he and Jay were going to their thing.

You didn’t give me the movie.  It was guy from Philly who gave me the movie script.  I ain’t have the money to put out a movie so I brought him up to Roc-A-Fella.  He had a script that was talking about some real stuff so we had to switch it up.  He was talking about the J.B.M. …Aaron Jones and the people in that so I just switched up the name because people got appeals and all that.  So you didn’t give me the movie, I brought that to you and I ain’t see no money off of that.  And even on the clothing line I got jerked.  The same reason why you and Dame broke up Jay-Z… Because Dame was taking all the money from Roc-A-Wear and putting it into all his other little companies, he did the same thing to State Property.”

Sigel also showed light to Mr. Carter’s disloyal ways and snake like moves as he told the judge “No” he wouldn’t be willing to be responsible for his whereabouts if Beans was to get out of jail and go on tour.  Speaking in a low voice, the judge even asked Jay to repeat himself and this is when Beans said their relationship totally changed.  It wasn’t a money issue anymore.

50 then chimed in stating that “Beans was down with Jay but Jay was never down for him” as Beans was carried back to his box.   Further exploiting Jay’s bit#h like ways, 50 said that Jay-Z really had  a fear of losing something to 50 so that was the reason for not letting him out of his deal.

I guess we see enough is never enough for Shawn.

As these were real relationships built off supposed friendships, Beans couldn’t help but still ride for Dame a little although he was clearly packageed by the both of them.  Speaking on bars from The Blueprint  III, he added,

“You took everything from him already.  You took the clothing line.  You took the record label.  You took everything.  He has nothing.  Now he’s going through financial difficulties and gets divorced and then you feel that comfortable in a record to say, ‘Lucky Lefty, by the way kiss the wife good night for me.’  You already killed the man, he’s dead already.  Now you gonna stand over top of him and urinate on him and stomp him.  You that comfortable dude you can do that.  I got something to say about that.”

Beans coming to G-Unit would definitely be a boost to both artists’ careers and add some much needed fire to that G-Unit banner.  And with 50 already on good accord with Freeway, a State Property/ G-Unit could really raise the bar lyrically for Hip-Hop.  Before ending his grievances with King Hova, Beans plans to turn up the fire and release some tracks to unveil the rats that made up The Roc.

“He is a crumb and I’m gone put my foot on his neck until he responds.  Please make a record because a week it’s been out dog.  I’m not taking nothing from Jay-Z as an artist.  He ain’t no walk in the park but all I’m saying is I don’t got to jog to keep up to him.”

Jay ain’t never been tested like this before and as K- Solo once said, “Only a true friend can become an enemy” so it looks like Jay is about to feel some rounds from his onetime protégé.

Pac said don’t go to war unless you got your money right and with 50 in Beans’ corner, the money is definitely right.

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