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The final The Avengers trailer has landed, but it still seems to be pulling punches where it should be knocking us out with excitement. On paper, the trailer is as good as the others: slow motion, team banter, explosions, poetically menacing dialogue from the big villain, and a touch of humor from Tony Stark.

But it falls flat exactly where the other trailers have as well, still failing to offer that one overwhelming, salivating, jaw-dropping money shot that guarantees you’ll be at the midnight showing. Some of the cut almost gets us there, whether it be Hulk catching Tony and sliding down a building, Iron Man bringing some teched-out spaceship around the corner of a skyscraper, or the Avengers standing as a team and ready to brawl.

All that said, it’s still missing that “wow” moment to let us relish in until opening day, and after all this buildup, let’s hope it’s because they’re still saving the surprises for the real deal.


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