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Cam’ron might have the hottest sports take of summer. He revealed why Draymond Green and Jordan Poole got into a fight.

As spotted on HipHopDX the Harlem, New York native discussed Jordan Poole’s recent trade from the Golden State Warriors to the Washington Wizards on the It Is What It Is show. The conversation quickly transitioned to Poole and Green’s infamous fight during a practice back in October. The “Get ‘Em Girls” rapper then went on to give a play by play of what led to the drama. “They said the first day he told Draymond Green — you know, Michigan and Michigan State have beef; Draymond Green’s from Michigan State, he’s from Michigan” he explained. “That’s already a lifetime rivalry right there,” Ma$e added. 

“He told Draymond, ‘I f***ed more b****es in Michigan State than you when you went there,’” Cam said. “Then they was running sprints or something and he told Draymond, ‘Don’t worry about it, you’ll be in Sacramento next year.’ Killa alleges that things got really bad when Poole took a very personal shot at Draymond saying “‘Why is your Twitter handle @MoneyGreen when you broke and you not gonna get a new contract?’ And that’s the one that broke the camel’s back.” Naturally this clip quickly went viral and even was mentioned on FOX Sports’ First Things First. “It seems from the reporting of Cam’ron and Ma$e, it seems like the Jordan Poole-Draymond stuff in practice got very heated pre-punch,” Nick Wright said which was followed by a hearty laugh from Chris Broussard. 

Neither Jordan Poole or Draymond Green have yet to comment on the matter. You can see Cam’ron and MA$E discuss the situation below.