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Meek Mill has gone viral yet again—and this time it was not flattering. The Philly rapper shared a photo of him post-throwing up after too many drinks during the holiday weekend.

As spotted on HipHopDX the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania talent apparently turned up heavy earlier this week. So much so he got a bit sick and had to let the poison out. For whatever reason he took to social media and admitted the alcohol won with a photo of him by the toilet. “Too much liquor smh …” he wrote. While he probably thought he was sharing an innocent moment with the world the visual quickly picked up speed on Twitter and he immediately caught flack.

“meek mill’s brain needs to be studied” one user wrote on a repost. While another stated that the Dreams & Nightmares rapper makes him feel a ways “bro meek mill really be pissing me off”. Eventually the ceramic slander landed on his radar prompting him to respond to the fail. “We have so much influence they trying to use Small internet campaigns to sway the peoples perception of artist,” he rationalized. “We are basically our own media bases now and we can say what we want at will in front of millions and they don’t feel that!”

He continued: “Anything I post they try to amplify it and me me look stupid … I wasn’t created on the internet and I know they got some of y’all in a trans threw social perception… that’s why content creators win because lead the narrative.” This is not the first, and probably not the last, time Meek Mill has caught heat online for his social shares. Last month he asked the world if he had fallen off and the responses were not pretty. Also let’s not forget when he tried to shame Drake for allegedly having ghostwriters but was eventually labeled as having “Twitter Fingers”.