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Before starting, a brief introduction may be necessary as to who or what a Wiz Khalifa is.

For those that are unaware, Khalifa is a 22-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh whose rap career launched in 2006 from his debut album, Show and Prove which was able to catch the eye of Rolling Stone as an artist to look out for.

Since then, the young rapper has been on his hustle in the mixtape game.  As an army brat, his music must have been heavily influenced, in theme, from having to move from country to country as he has some fixation with planes.

Recently the rapper partnered up with Louisiana’s own Curren$y for the mixtape How Fly and released his own Flight School.

His latest effort was Burn After Rolling which dropped earlier this week.

All of this has been a precursor to the big show and the release of his second official album, Deal or No Deal, which is set for a release on November 24.

Fame usually doesn’t come to those that wait for it and the rapper makes sure that he moves as much as he can to make sure that people know his name.

Catching up with, the rising star spoke on his work ethic and drive for the music.  Being a local artist is not acceptable in the climb to success.

“There’s more work on the road then there is in Pittsburgh.  To get this thing really popping, I have to go to other states and expand the brand.  I’ve been performing everywhere, just trying to get my face out there and staying busy on the Internet.  I be in Pittsburgh like 2-3 days out of the week.”

The rapper also spoke on the CMJ Music Marathon where he opened on for U-God from the Wu Tang Clan.

“It’s basically a showcase for all the new talent; what’s popping.  Some people they might know about, some they might not know about and they are just learning about.  People such as myself who have an underground buzz and a hardcore following and I’m just happy to perform there and just have a feature show.”

Fans that are looking for more in their musical pleasures need to stop making the statement that Hip-Hop has lost its way and search thoroughly.  Sometimes a person has to dig deep into the crates to find a gem.  Drake isn’t the only one out there.

Listen to a cut from his latest, Burn After Rolling here:

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