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Noname often gets more notoriety these days over her political stances instead of her formidable music catalog, which is reportedly expanding at a later date. However, Noname bristled at online foes challenging her decision to include Jay Electronica on a single for the upcoming studio album.

Noname teased the release of “Balloons,” featuring the talents of Jay Electronica and R&B singer Eryn Allen Kane. The single is assumed to be the first from Noname’s upcoming studio album, Sundial. It does appear that due to the blistering criticism Noname faced after announcing the track is aimed at her rapping counterpart over what some perceive to be antisemitic views.

Noname came to Electronica’s defense in a retort to fans who questioned the creative decision and labeled Electronica as delivering hateful thoughts against Jewish people.

An example of this came in the form of fans quote-tweeting a screen-shotted image of Noname saying to a fan that the album could be shelved, something she did with the previously announced Factory Baby.

“N*ggas legit rap about actual murder and sexual assault that they commit in real life and y’all can’t take a jay elect verse?” Noname fired back at a fan.

She continued to engage fans on her decision, ultimately leading her to delete the entire Twitter account, but not before screengrabs of her replies to fans were obtained.

Sundial was slated to be released on July 21.

Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty