Jay Electronica

A reportedly new track titled "Exhibit G" and said to be produced by Just Blaze leaked to the Internet and the New Orleans star sounds as formidable as ever.

The New Orleans wordsmith has displayed great regard for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan across previous verses but a new face tattoo saluting the Nation of Islam leader upped the ante.

The New Orleans lyricist lent kind words to the Chicago designer and producer via Twitter, encouraging West to "Flame On" in short.

The running joke is that Jay Electronica (with plenty of Jay-Z) dropped an album, A Written Testimony, and the world went to shambles thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. So it sort of makes sense that the New Orleans rapper's mythical Act II: Patents Of Nobility album has hit the Internets in full.

The Grammy and Academy Award-winning English producer and songwriter is prepping his proper solo debut, 'Voyager,' which he calls a "space concept album."

On his popular The Joe Budden Podcast show, Budden slammed 'A Written Testimony' for having too much JAY-Z, prompting Jay Electronica to respond to one of Budden's cohosts.

The longtime radio host took issue with the New Orleans rapper using the line on his track "Ghost of Soulja Slim" from his A Written Testimony album.

The debut album from the talented New Orleans rapper features Roc Nation honcho Jay-Z in scene-stealing form.

Jigga clearly heard all the backlash from him siding with the NFL. In the new album that Jay Electronica finally dropped, the Brooklyn native lyrically spins himself out of another jam.

Jay Electronica actually did it. After over a decade of pump fakes, the New Orleans MC dropped his proper debut album, A Written History.

The long-awaited debut album from Jay Electronica has been enjoying a normal rollout and it appears that the album is set to be released next week.

Despite all the jokes and skepticism, it should be understood that most Hip-Hop fans have been waiting on a full-length project from Jay Electronica for over a decade. That wait appears to be over after TIDAL announced a trio of exclusive listening sessions for the A Written Testimony album slated to be released this month.