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John Boyega LEVEL cover

Source: Sarah McColgan for LEVEL / LEVEL

In a new interview, John Boyega talks about his experience in the upcoming Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone as well as the increasing concerns of AI & acting.

The star actor spoke at length in a recent LEVEL cover story about his process of preparing for the lead role of Fontaine for the Netflix film, which also stars Jamie Foxx and Teyonnah Paris: “I was excited at the idea of multiple roles, the idea of playing someone significantly older. I love the idea of different looks because whereas the normality is to play a heightened version of yourself, this gives you a real opportunity to jump into what acting truly is.”

The London native and star of the recent Star Wars trilogy did also touch upon how the film challenges viewers to shed preconceived notions while watching. “When you’re in a modern society where we watch the news and the details of the news are packaged [for] TV, sometimes the nuance is lost,” Boyega said. “In order for us to comprehend the world, it’s easier to generalize.” Referencing Paris’ character of Yo-Yo, who is a sex worker, he elaborated: “Accepting that duality and using our brains to scan people more than just going on generalized stereotypes is a commentary that this film makes. I’m proud that this film does that.”

When asked about the growing usage of AI and the complexities behind it in the film industry and beyond, Boyega replied,  “I’m at the stage now where I’m like, Oh crap, I didn’t know you can do that.” He continued: “In filmmaking, it will help us in some way. On the flip side, in terms of individuality, ownership, [and] fairness, that’s going to be a discussion that people are going to have to figure out.”

Of course, the discussion also turned to the idea of conspiracy theories which are interwoven into the plot of They Cloned Tyrone compelling the 31-year-old to state “maybe the truth in certain scenarios is not as extreme or interesting. Some of it is boring truth. But the funny thing about stimulation as a human being, we still love to discuss it” He also joked about his own conspiracy beliefs regarding celebrities: I was like, They probably got to get into some cult to get to a certain level of power. Then I became a celebrity and went, “That didn’t happen.” At least it doesn’t happen to me!”