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Bad enough you got Geraldo Rivera talking out of his anus as if a hoodie has a trigger, then this comes across the transom. Some idiot promoters and DJ’s in Orlando thought it would be a great idea to honor the memory Trayvon Martin by throwing a “Hoodies & Heels” party. You can’t make this sort of outright asshattery up if you tried.

Martin was killed in cold blood, yet you somehow United Promoters of Orlando thinks it would be a good look to use Martin’s image to promote a party? It’s a smack to the face of sincere efforts to bring about justice for Martin’s murder. The flyer says “All profits will go to the Family of #TrayvonMartin.” One, you need more people. Two, there are better ways to honor the fallen teen and aide his family than hitting the club. Any and everyone involved in this exercise in coonery is a living fail. Spotted at Bossip.


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