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Apple Sneakers

Source: Sotheby’s / Sotheby’s

Unbeknownst to many, Apple actually had their own company sneaker silhouette way back in the day and like most OG Apple products, it’s become a collector’s item that is about to fetch a pretty penny on the resell market.

According to Nice Kicks, Sotheby’s is bubbling a rare pair of the Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers that were released in the mid-90s when Apple was just beginning to rise in popularity, and for a cool $50,000, the kicks can be all yours. Of course, we doubt you’ll be able to wear them as they’ll probably crumble to pieces, but it’ll definitely make a nice display piece next to whatever old-school Apple computer you might have from your teenage years.

Nice Kicks reports:

The Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers were custom-made for Apple employees and were a one-time giveaway at a national sales conference in the 1990’s. The sneaker has a monochrome white leather upper with the old school rainbow Apple logo on both the tongue and lateral quarter.

These particular Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers are especially rare because the sneakers are brand new — you read that right. Brand new, certified vintage, verified authentic, and they come in the original box.

Although these sneakers are unworn, the shoe’s condition is consistent with age and has natural imperfections such as the inevitable yellowing around the midsoles and glue, and light marks on the toe boxes.

Real talk, the kicks actually look pretty dope. Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple retro’d these and they flew like hotcakes in today’s resell market.

Anyone with an extra $50K to spare who wears a 10.5 in men’s can head on over to Sotheby’s and pick up the pair before some rich nerd hops on these to impress his/her friends.

Would you cop a pair of these if Apple restocked them in today’s day and age? Let us know in the comments section below.