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In Idaho, where Black residents only make up half a percent of the overall population, the “Gem State” found itself in the national spotlight after the lone Black state legislator received a recruitment letter from the KKK at her home address. Rep. Cherie Buckner-Webb called the letter “something a little unsettling.”

Rep. Buckner Webb was elected to her state seat in 2010 in an emotional and historic race; she was the first African-American elected to the Idaho state legislature. The KKK recruitment letter, as one could expect, seemed to slightly rattle and alarm the fifth generation Idahoan. “Just reminds me to be vigilant…a little disconcerting. Think someone is putting me on notice, huh?,” said Rep. Buckner-Webb on her Facebook page.

Buckner-Webb recalled a time where she and a family friend had a run-in with KKK members when she was a teen on her Facebook page as well. “When I was a teenager, the KKK came to Nampa to “induct” a friend of my mom’s. There were not happy to learn he was a Black man. Became national news. Sounds like the group has some organizational gaps,” read her comment.

Rep. Buckner-Webb didn’t give the matter much attention after overwhelming support from her constituents on her page. She moved on from the controversy by adding, “On to new topics and positive action to improve our communities!”

A recent report from Boise NBC affiliate KTVB says that KKK leadership did not target Idaho lawmakers, calling the issue a “prank.” Idaho Attorney General’s office is said to be investigating the matter further, reports KTVB.


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