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ASAP Bari jumped

Source: Twitter / Twitter

A$AP Bari might need to watch his back a bit closer. He was jumped on by multiple people at a New York City park.

As spotted on HipHopDX the fashion designer recently caught the beats in his hometown of Harlem. On Tuesday August 1 footage leaked online of the VLONE founder in a one on one fight with an unidentified man at a basketball court. While he seemed to be holding his own at first he was soon attacked from behind by another man with a punch to the back of his head. This opens the floodgate for others to join in and he is soon defending himself against multiple men. Thankfully he was thinking on his feet and positioned himself by a wall so he can see all of his opposition. Thankfully a woman intercedes and stops the brawl.

While it was originally unclear why A$AP Bari was in that predicament he soon took to social media to explain the situation saying that it stemmed from someone stealing his chain years back. “Everyday it’s something new with me from ni***s hating on me to ni***s [rapping] about me,” he wrote on an Instagram Story. “The best thing to do is have a great meal and get ready for another pay day.”

He continue to provide further detail on a follow up post. “This last time talking about it. A ni***s stole my chain two years ago out car without me know and I seen him so I knocked him out and his ni***s jumped in[.] Would had jump me to after the way I knocked him out.” The man who he was originally fighting also responded by posting a video alleging that Bari might of used something sharp to cut him. Yo, Bari, you a f****ot. And suck my d***. You probably cut me with something too, you f****ot b***h. And you ain’t do nothin’ to me. All you did was this,” he claimed as he showed his lip. “And when I catch you, it’s lit.” Bari reposted the clip with a text overlay that read “just my hands beloved”.

You can see the fight footage below.