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Travis Scott is receiving tons of accolades for his latest studio album UTOPIA, nothing yet another creative high mark that could end up being an easy Album of the Year candidate. However, admit the hoopla surrounding Travis Scott there is also the looming Astroworld tragedy and an attorney for the Texas artist is questioning the release and timing of an investigative report connected to the incident.

TMZ reports that an attorney for Travis Scott speculated that Houston police released the report about the 2021 Astroworld incident last Friday (July 28), the same day as UTOPIA‘s release. Kent Schaffer said that the department was well aware that UTOPIA was going to be released last week and put out the report to sink sales. It should be noted that UTOPIA went on to break streaming records as the album was highly anticipated by Scott’s legion of fans.

Houston police responded to Schaffer’s claim, stating that the release of the report was pure coincidence and not a planned attempt to undermine the album’s momentum. As previously reported, Scott was not charged in the 10 deaths that occurred at the Astroworld concert but is facing several lawsuits from the families of the victims.

In an update of TMZ’s initial report, Scott’s legal team exclusively shared a statement which we’ll post below:

“Travis Scott and his team were, as anticipated, fully cleared of any wrongdoing associated with the Astroworld tragedy by a grand jury based on the very report released today. It is outrageous that HPD has chosen to resort to tactics that attempt to discredit Travis and his team, casting doubt on how the unfortunate events at Astroworld actually transpired while deflecting blame from their own critical failures.

“Travis’s commitment to his audience’s safety and well-being is well-documented. As reported countless times, he actively stopped the show three separate times. Contrary to the HPD report’s inaccuracies, the concert did end at the exact time communicated to Travis. Meanwhile, Houston police officers present at the event did not intervene during the unfolding situation. They were observed throughout the show standing by idly, buying merch and even filming the concert in its entirety.

“We encourage the Houston PD to make peace with the fact that Travis Scott and his team were found innocent of any wrongdoing and to focus on what really matters – making sure tragedies like Astroworld never occur again under their watch.”

As this story develops, we will keep readers updated.

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