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US actor Jonathan Majors' trial on assault charges begins in New York

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Jonathan Majors will have to wait until next month to begin his anticipated trial on charges of domestic violence, as ordered by the court.

On Thursday (Aug. 3), the Creed III actor appeared before Judge Michael Gaffey in court in Manhattan, New York. The hearing would be brief. “The people are not ready for trial today,” Assistant District Attorney Kelli Gallaway said to the judge. Judge Gaffey remarked, “Time will continue to run against the people.” He then set the date for proceedings to begin Sept. 6.

Majors’ trial was set to begin today before the reassigning of the new date. Judge Gaffey reminded the actor to abide by the order of protection barring him from any sort of contact with the accuser. “Yes, sir,” Majors responded simply while holding a Bible and notebook. He and his defense team, along with his new girlfriend, Harlem actress Meagan Good, (who also accompanied him to his June 20 hearing) would be dismissed afterward.

The actor’s lead defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry, quickly issued a statement afterward. “One hundred and thirty-one days ago, authorities unjustly cuffed Jonathan Majors in his own home, hauling him off to jail based on the word of a woman now hunted by the NYPD,”  the statement began. “For an excruciating four months, Jonathan Majors, the real victim in this shameful ordeal, has had his life, career, and reputation torn apart,” Chaudhry said. “Yet he remains unwavering in his determination to be absolved from this harrowing ordeal.”

Chaudhry also put the blame on the prosecution for the delay of the trial, saying that she had received a two-terabyte hard drive of evidence from their team on Wednesday (Aug. 2). She also claimed that the New York Police Department was poised to arrest the ex-girlfriend accusing Majors the moment she “sets foot back in New York.” Reportedly, the woman currently resides in the United Kingdom.

The news of the trial comes as questions still linger about Majors’ career opportunities going forward.  The 33-year-old actor faces up to a year in prison if convicted of misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment. Disney has released the latest trailer for the second season of its acclaimed Loki series, which will air on Disney Plus this October. Majors will feature prominently in the show as Victor Timely, the ancestor of his Kang The Conqueror character.