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Rappers are notorious for giving shine to brands names, sometimes the move results in endorsements deals—but that’s usually not the case. A$AP Rocky has been known to drop brand names in his records, but the “Goldie” rapper has decided to stop giving out unsolicited publicity. “I’m putting to [many] people on the game when I do that,” he told Amanda Seals during an interview on Hip-Hop POV.

The aforementioned Hit-Boy produced single was originally named “Chrissy” to make a mockery of the champagne, that became rappers’ go-to beverage thanks to constant mentions from Jay-Z. When the company got word that Hip-Hop couldn’t get enough of their product, they released a racists statement, causing Hov—and the rest of the industry—to turn its back on Cristal. “It’s called ‘Crissy’ and it’s basically a mockery towards it, It’s to get them upset,” Rocky explained of the track.

“If you listen to the lyrics, ‘Cristal by the cases/Wait, hold up that was racist/I would prefer the Aces/Ain’t no different when you taste it. We don’t even care about champagne, we drink 40s. All it is, is in reference to that.”

Maybe A$AP’s refusal to name drop will encourage other rappers to stop giving out free advertising.




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