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Howard University dorm buildings, according to students, are filled with mold and unfit for living.

Howard University, which maintains a sprawling campus in Northwest Washington, D.C., is currently on alert after a recent violent incident went wide. According to reports, a group of suspected locals beat students on campus grounds and police are investigating the matter.

As reported by local outlet WRC-TV, Howard University officials confirmed that an attack from a large group did take place on campus near two residence halls in the early morning hours of Monday (August 16). One student explained that a large group of what they described as “D.C. locals” began to attack them. Another explained that the group stomped them so badly that they thought death was near.

“I was prepared to die,” the student said. “When I was on the ground getting stomped out, I just stopped feeling the pain at one point.”

The outlet added in its report that another student was stabbed in the back and beaten by over two dozen people. According to witnesses, security guards at Howard University allegedly did nothing to help the harmed student. It hasn’t been shared what sparked the group to attack the students.

So far, campus police say that they managed to arrest one teen suspect who was found with a handgun in their possession. Marcus Lyles, executive director of public safety and chief of police at Howard University, announced a series of investigations and other actions connected to the incident. A lieutenant for the campus police was suspended after internal findings, and a security contractor is no longer working with the university.

The school shared plans to install over 1,000 cameras across cameras. In addition, the school will also establish walking paths for students that will keep them near a security officer.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty