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It’s pretty hard to claim to not be racist when you publicly call the president the n-word. For whatever reason, a Georgia bar owner not only thought it was a good idea to post a racial slur on his marquee, but claims to not have a racist bone in his body.

Patrick Lanzo, owner of the Georgia Peach Oyster Bar, must be friends with Congressman Joe Walsh because they share a similar disposition when it comes to President Obama. Lanzo posted the message “I do not support the ni**er in the White House,” on a sign outside of his business.  When asked of his decision, the clearly delusional entrepreneur stated that he did nothing wrong. “Just because you’re offended by it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to say something just the opposite,” he told Atlanta’s Fox 5. “I don’t feel bad about anything whatsoever. Therefore, they can go out and put their own sign in their own yard and I will not be offended.”

Lanzo has a reputation for spewing hatred towards our president. In 2009 he posted the sign “Obama’s plan for health-care: ni**er rig it.” He asserts that he is merely expressing his opinion, and unfortunately (thanks to free speech) there’s nothing that officials can do about his choice of words. As for why he continues to use the n-word, Lanzo maintains that it’s a way of life.  “I’ve used it most of my life. There are different ways to put your opinion up, but that’s just the words I choose.”

This guy needs to catch an immediate fade.




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