The Compton, Calif. school board member recorded calling Trayvon Martin a “fa**ot,” and the local superintendent a “b**ch,” will get to keep his job. Skyy Fisher called in for an interview, that made its way to the ‘Net last week, in which he called the 17-year-old shooting victim out of his name, and–like Geraldo Rivera–theorized that his death was due to wearing a sweatshirt. “If I saw myself walking down the street with a hoodie on, I’d shoot myself too!” he said.

Fisher cannot be fired because of steps needed in order to ensure his  dismissal. Being that he is a member of the school board, and since the school board is over the superintendent, Fisher is the boss of the woman he disrespected and would therefore require signatures to be kicked out of his position.

Since the story hit the news circuit, Fisher’s request for a three-month leave of absence was approved. He hinted to  underlining issues as the cause of his outburst, noting that the time off will allow him to focus on his “health and well-being.”

As of yet, Martin’s family has yet to respond to Fisher’s verbal attack on their deceased son.



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Photo: Sandra Rose

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