On November 22, the City of Compton will honor the late Eazy-E by renaming a street in his hometown to Eazy Street.


Last week a gunman critically injured two lawmen in Los Angeles. Now LeBron James is being asked to contribute what he can to secure a capture.


While the streets continue to mobilize throughout the world in the name of social equality one name had been noticeably quiet. This past weekend the MC everyone was waiting on finally appeared.


Roddy Ricch has some explaining to do. According to reports he was booked for getting physical with his lady friend.


With much of Southern California Hip-Hop fans still reeling from the senseless death of Nipsey Hussle, another rapper has been reported shot. Slim 400 was reportedly struck 10 times in Compton and is currently in critical but stable condition.


YG and AD were shooting a video for their song “Thug” in Compton over the weekend. The thanks they got for shooting the visual in their hometown was AK-47 gunfire ripping through the set. 

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Compton, Calif. Mayor Aja Brown handed over the key to the city to native son and Hip-Hop superstar, Kendrick Lamar over the weekend. While the moment was clearly made to celebrate K-Dot’s achievements, Mayor Brown took a swipe at Drake during the ceremony.

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Bullets rang out in a Compton neighborhood Tuesday (Feb. 9) evening, claiming the life of an innocent child. One-year-old Autumn Johnson was shot and killed while sleeping in her crib.

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Kendrick Lamar had an exciting 2015 and this year appears to be more of the same for the Hip-Hop superstar. K-Dot will be awarded a key to his hometown of Compton, Calif. in a ceremony to be held next month.

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YG is unapologetically down for his Compton hometown as he’s always using his celebrity for the greater good to uplift his community. Especially during the holidays.


On Wednesday, November 4, around 40 Compton high school teachers expressed their disapproval for a school bond ballot measure that had passed on Election Tuesday by staging a “sick-out,” leaving much of the Compton Unified School District without an educator to keep the peace.

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A Compton rapper by the name of Teriq Royal was so desperate to earn his Hip-Hop stripes, he valued the opportunity to go viral over his personal health after he decided to post a Facebook video moments after seemingly being shot in the head.