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Florida’s legal system continues to garner a negative reputation for many of its practices. In wake of the initial handling of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, and a separate incident involving racial profiling when an off-duty cop was attacked by mall security for wearing a hoodie, the state can’t shake the bad publicity. The latest example of police using excessive force comes by way of a pregnant woman in Tampa, claiming to have been unnecessarily tasered during an altercation at her home, last week.

Angel Adams, mother to 15 children, and carrying her 16th child, alleges that police put her unborn child in danger by shocking her, following a verbal exchange. Authorities assert that they went to the 39-year-old’s home to speak with one of her children about throwing a rock at another home in the area. The boy said that he was not involved in the incident and proceeded to run from police. Adams says that two officers then forced their way into her home and proceeded to attack her. “I told officers, ‘Don’t come in my house. You don’t have a search warrant,” she said. A struggle ensued and both Adams, and her 21-year-old daughter—with the same name—were pushed by police, before she was shot with the stun gun. “I felt something … shooting through me,” she said. Both she and her daughter were taken into custody on battery charges.

While Adams claims to be the victim, Laura McElroy of the Tampa Police Department, blames her for instigating the situation. “The bottom line with the situation is this mother chose to put her unborn child at risk,” she explained. “She made that choice long before the officer the backup officer arrived and utilized his ECD (Electronic Control Device) from behind not knowing she was pregnant.”

This isn’t the first time that Adams has been in the news. Two years ago she made headlines after for moving 12 or her 15 children into a small motel after being evicted, and wanted to receive state assistance to cover her living costs.


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