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Meek Mill at Got Sole

Source: @gotsole / Instagram

Sneakerheads are all too familiar with the struggle of having to pay resale prices for grails that they just couldn’t get for retail due to sneakerbots, backdooring employees, etc. But apparently Meek Mill isn’t too fond of paying two or three times what a pair of Jordan’s cost and let a reseller know as much.

In a video making the rounds on the internet, the “Blue Notes” rapper was caught on video arguing with a sneaker reseller at the Got Sole sneaker convention in New York City over the price of a pair of Air Jordan 4 SBs, which retail for $225 but resell for $400+ (prices differ depending on size). Seemingly upset that the reseller was asking for $500 for the pair, Meek complained about the price saying, “I could buy these at the store right now for $300… That’s a bad move, that’s a bad sell. I’m going to buy it from you. I might come back and buy more. Now, I’m going to the next table and might spend $5,000.”

Sneakerheads know that $500 for the pair sounds about right given their rarity and popularity, but our question is, which store still has these grails on the shelves for $300? Is Meek sure that he’s getting a legit pair whether at said store or even at Got Sole? Does he know that bootleggers actually updated their fugazi pairs of “SB” Air Jordan 4s to match the authentic pairs down to the stitching? We do.

Telling the reseller he had to teach him “how to hustle,” Meek ultimately ponied up the $500 for the sneakers but added, “You’re supposed to give it to Meek Mill for the low” saying had he given him a better deal he might’ve come back and bought more kicks off of him.

Meek truly moving out here like he isn’t familiar with the reselling game of the sneaker culture. Resellers will hit up rappers for more money if anything. Never forget that years ago Rick Ross paid $400 for a pair of Air Jordan 6 “Maroon’s” at Flight Club when they were still sitting on store shelves for $200 at the time. That’s just the game.

Check out Meek Mill’s interaction with a sneaker reseller below, and let us know your thoughts on the situation. Is Meek right or is he tripping? Sound off in the comments section below.