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It probably broke your heart when you first learned that Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins, the short chubby dude from Juice and Lean On Me, got bagged by authorities for trying to buy 200 pounds of that sticky icky in Arizona late last year. If he had been convicted, Hopkins would have served up to five years in prison. However, he plead to a lesser charge and only had to spend 30 days in the bing, which ended up being time served.

Of course, people started labeling Huggy a snitch since 30 days for 200 pounds weed doesn’t seem to add up. “I got a great lawyer out in Arizona who had over twenty years experience dealing with Arizona’s judicial system,” Huggy told The Urban Daily. “You have to remember Arizona borders Mexico. So to the rest of the country 200 pounds sounds like a lot, but in Arizona, they’re used to dealing with more than that. Plus, the police involved in, my case wanted to protect their informant more so than put me in jail…”

Read the rest of the story over at The Urban Daily.



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Photo: Jermaine Hopkins