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Kurt Jantz aka Forgiato Blow

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At this point, it’s clear that folks in the MAGA world are running out of new ways to embarrass themselves and are trying and failing miserably at being more creative.

You might remember Kurt Jantz aka Forgiato Blow, the Trump-humping faux rapper who periodically drops political Hip-Hop videos on YouTube that prove he knows absolutely nothing about politics or Hip-Hop. (But if we’re ever looking for the greatest white supr-emcee of Hick Hop, we know who to call.)

Well, now the Ted Nugent of Bubba Sparxxxes has a new video featuring host Dan Ball of One America News Network, which is basically a less popular Fox News with an even more insidious misinformation mission to make dummies dumber. This Time, Forgiato’s song titled “Real America” takes aim at the latest indictment of ex-commander-in-would-be-thief Donald Trump in Georgia.

In the video, the Kid Rock of Insane Clown Possies wore a shirt with a photoshopped image of Trump’s mugshot, which means either the video was filmed before his actual mugshot was released, or because Forgiato, like all MAGA marauders, simply prefers the lie to the truth.

In the video, Forgiato repeats the popular MAGA strawman argument that simply questioning the election results isn’t illegal. Of course, smart people understand that neither Trump nor any of his 18 alleged co-conspirators have been charged under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute just for vocally questioning the results of the 2020 presidential race. Smart people also understand how easy a thing it is to look up exactly what offenses Trump and friends are accused of committing.

But Forgiato isn’t a smart person, and neither is Ball or whoever watches his generic brand right-wing propaganda network. They are, however, cringey and oozing with secondhand embarrassment. Or in the case of some of the employees down at OAN, firsthand embarrassment.

From the Daily Beast:

The video is guaranteed secondhand embarrassment for any viewers not fully living a MAGA alt-reality. And OAN employees seemed to realize that, as two people familiar with the matter told Confider that some staffers walked out prior to filming because they didn’t want to be a part of it. One OAN employee added that staffers generally did not know about the video shoot until the last minute and just went along with it. Much of the finger-pointing was aimed directly at Ball: “I need to leave OAN ASAP! I am sick and tired of Dan Ball’s antics, and so are so many others,” one current OAN anchor wrote to Confider. Other current and former staffers told Confider they are “officially taking OAN off my resume after watching this” or that they “can’t stop laughing” at the “bizarre” video.

It probably doesn’t help that Ball can be seen awkwardly trying to catch the vibe with stiff movements that almost looked like he was trying to dance a little, but in a claps-on-the-one-and-three-fifths kind of way.

To be fair, he might have been trying to match that smooth and impeccable Trump rhythm.

If only these people were smart enough to know shame.

They not though.