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“Apartheid Education” is what the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the NAACP, feels is the appropriate example to describe Pittsburgh’s public education system, and furthermore, explain the educational divide that separates the city’s Black and White students like a chasm forged with falling meteors.

The famed organization marched in a protest through Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood, hoping to spread their insight on the separate and unequal educational system that has disturbingly become the norm within the city.

Recently, several members of Pittsburgh’s board of education have spoken out about closing some of the city’s schools. Unsurprisingly, the schools chosen were all sub-par, low-grade learning facilities; the “Black” schools.

In response to the NAACP’s allegations, Superintendent Mark Roosevelt offered an explanation into the possible move by saying that there might not even be any need to take any action at all.

“We don’t even have a plan,” said Roosevelt to local media. “ Some consultants came forward with some recommendations based on values of buildings, but there are no school closings planned. We are months away from bringing a plan forward, no less the board making decisions.”

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