A new course for AP students seeking to earn college credit is devoted to teaching about the comprehensive African-American experience. The College Board has made the program available to 60 unnamed high schools across the country, with plans to expand nationwide to all interested high schools in the 2024-2025 school year.

The Chicago MC, martial artist and intellectual will host the second event of his residency this weekend in a "code cypher" event that will have students creating digital artwork that will later be judged.

The Back To School: 101 hub introduces a number of popular musical genres along with celebrity commentary from some of the top names in the game.

After haggling with the university, Hannah-Jones has elected to go with famed HBCU Howard University and has received tenure to boot.

According to a new report, the award-winning journalist's legal team issued a letter to the university stating that she will not accept the position as the Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism without those terms.

On Thursday (Sept 17), Trump announced that he would be creating a commission to promote "patriotic education" and adding that a grant program was developed to introduce a "pro-American curriculum." The move is largely political — and a reaction to a growing push by some academics for schools to teach an American history that better acknowledges slavery and systemic racism.

It isn’t a secret that Pharrell Williams loves to give back to the youth and young creative minds and the Virginia native once again proved that fact last week. After speaking at a Harlem high school graduation, Skateboard P announced that he’ll be granting all 114 graduating seniors an internship.

One of the many barriers Black students and prospective employees face is discrimination over their birth-given names when applying for jobs, but for one woman, that didn’t stop her. Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck is now Dr. Vandyck after earning her Ph.D. and Twitter is saluting her as we all should.

Kevin Durant is, without doubt, one of the NBA’s most electrifying players and a solid cog in the high-powered Golden State Warriors offense. But like other youth from his home state of Maryland, Durant wasn’t gifted with endless riches to go to the next level scholastically and now, he’s using his platform to assist others […]