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Earlier this month, T.I. told Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that he wanted to retire from the music game, and while he’s not the first rapper to express unhappiness with his day job, his proclamation was somewhat unexpected.

The Grand Hustle label head’s plate is full of projects, including working with his artist, Iggy Azalea, taping his VH1 reality show,  a few acting gigs, and his forthcoming “Trouble Man” album. With all those items on his agenda, Azalea can understand his need to step away from music.“I’m not surprised that he said that, I didn’t know he did but I think when you’ve done 500 laps of the same course it can get boring,” she tells Hip-Hop Wired.

“I can understand [T.I.] wanting to do that. Just like sometimes actors turn into producers or directors. You want to explore other elements of your craft that is new to you. I know one of the things that I love about life is being a student of my craft and I think he’s really mastered rapping and being an artist, so I think it’s good that he wants to explore other things that he’s newer at, and be able to have a learning curve, and learn different stuff. Maybe it’ll make him re-inspired to want to keep making music.”

While her boss is busy building his resume, the 21-year-old  has not yet decided on whether or not she will also pursue a career in acting. “I’m definitely interested in acting, but I don’t know if I would or not,” she adds. “I’ve never tried so I could be a terrible actor, and if that’s the case then I don’t think I would [laughs]. I gotta try first, maybe I’ll read a script and let you know how that goes! I’m definitely interested in it.”

Even if she doesn’t add acting to her list of priorities, Azalea has more than enough items on her agenda to keep her busy, she is set to drop her Glory EP next month, and her The New Classic debut later this year.



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