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For the first time since the disaster that claimed 10 lives and left thousands injured, Travis Scott has been questioned by attorneys about his deadly Astroworld Festival in 2021.

According to the Associated Press, on Monday, Scott was questioned during a nearly eight-hour deposition in Houston, Texas, about the hundreds of lawsuits he’s facing since the tragedy.

“Travis Scott’s deposition is typical legal procedure,” his rep, Ted Anastasiou, said in a statement. “What is not typical is how the media continues to focus on him despite being cleared of any wrongdoing by extensive government investigations, including by the Houston Police Department.”

“Travis is fully cooperating with the legal process while still remaining committed to his tour in support of his record-breaking album, Utopia, and his charitable efforts to support at-risk communities,” Anastasiou continued.

Yeah—maybe when you’re client is being questioned about an event that ended in the senseless deaths of 10 people, the youngest of whom was 9, it’s not the best time to start plugging his tour and his latest album

Still, it’s true that in June, a grand jury declined to indict Scott after an investigation by the Houston Police Department cleared him of all wrongdoing. But civil court is a different matter and he has plenty of litigation to rifle through, so blaming “the media” for the continued attention being paid to the case seems defensive and possibly dismissive, especially to the thousands of Astroworld victims and their families.

As AP reported, the first trial regarding the lawsuits has been scheduled for May 6, 2024. There are currently more than 1,500 active cases related to Astroworld, many of which were filed against Scott and concert organizer Live Nation.

From AP:

Of these, 992 were cases with physical injuries and 313 were cases of “emotional distress, pain, suffering and mental anguish.” Orthopedic surgeries have been completed in 17 of these cases, with other surgeries recommended in another 21.

Some of the lawsuits have since been settled, including those filed by the families of three of the people killed during the concert.

Scott’s deposition on Monday took place on the same day that hip-hop artist Drake, who performed several songs with Scott during the Astroworld concert, was performing in Houston. Drake was also sued in connection with the deadly concert.