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Death Row’s financial issues once thought to be a long thing of the past are coming to light once again. Death Row’s new CEO Lara Lavi has filed a lawsuit against company affiliates in a New York County Court.

Lavi, the former head of WIDEawake Entertainment, bought Death Row in bankruptcy court for $18 million and formed WIDEawake-Deathrow Entertainment.

Now the company is seeing its financial business on display once again as the new CEO takes a company partner to court.

She accuses New Solutions CEO Ronald Ovenden of “self-dealing actions” that forced Deathrow to “adopt unauthorized liabilities.”

In other words she is accusing Ovenden of unauthorized use of company money for new business ventures.

According to the filed complaint, the money the CEO of New Solutions is hoping to use would “make agreements on behalf of Deathrow and from executing the company’s shareholder business.”

She also sued her former company, WIDEawake Entertainment Group, New Solutions Financial Corporation and New Solutions Managing Director Robert Thompson. Ovenden is chairman of both WIDEawake Entertainment and New Solutions, according to the complaint.