How will the Glory EP differ from your debut?

Glory is more a traditional Hip-Hop record. When you hear Glory, I’d say it’s the balance between The New Classic and Ignorant Art. Ignorant Art is an experimental sound and my use of samples and things like that, it was left of field. Glory is a traditional Hip-Hop record, The New Classic falls somewhere in the middle. I’m just really, a fan of Hip-Hop and rap music, and I just wanted to do a record that was strictly that sort of thing. Like a passion project before I put out my album. When I think of an album, we’re really trying to satisfy more of a fan base, and this is kind of my passion project.

How long did it take to put together?

About a month. When I record, I record nonstop so I’ll be in the studio 12, 14 hours every day. I go home to sleep, when I wake up I go back to the studio. I eat every single meal there for like a month, so what might take another artist a few months, or a little longer, it took me a month. I wasn’t doing any shows, and I wasn’t on the road, and I kind of disappeared for a while there, and that’s because I was working on this and my album.

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