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Three students at Baltimore’s Eastern Technology High School have been reprimanded for drawing a racist photo involving President Obama, on a classroom chalkboard last week. The drawing featured three hanging nooses, next to a burning cross, Ku Kl-x Klan stick figures, and the words “Barack Obama,” at the top,  followed by two racial epithets beneath his name.

The picture was drawn on June 7, but the school did not to take action until after a parent emailed a photo of the drawing to an assistant principal. “We have a group of teenagers who made bad decisions. It was coupled with a lack of supervision by a teacher. We are going to use it as a teaching opportunity next year,” vowed the school’s principal, Tom Evans.

In spite of the racist act, Evans maintained that the incident is not indicative of the mindsets of those representing the school.  “The culture here is very positive. These kids all get along very well. This issue is the first time in my five years here that there has been any group targeted because of their race. We have no tolerance for this sort of thing.”

While President Obama is no stranger to racism, it generally doesn’t come from minors. As previously reported, a bar owner in Georgia made headlines for refusing to stop calling the president “the ni**er in the White House,” via the marquee in front of his business, while comedian Don Rickles likened Obama to a house servant, during a speech last week.


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