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Death Row Records made headlines yesterday for a court battle headlined by the company’s new CEO, Lara Lavi. The date in court is now over and details of the proceedings are coming to light.

Death Row Records CEO, President Lara Lavi has just been granted a temporary restraining order against the Canadian financial group, New Solutions Financial Corp and its CEO Ron Ovenden by the New York Supreme Court County of New York.

The court order will keep outside interests from attempting to act on behalf of the iconic hip-hop label, Death Row Records, and help keep the company on the road to its continued success.

Lara Lavi made a statement on the day in court  saying,

“I have been very consistent in my message – I am determined to make Death Row about the artists, their music and their fans while staying grounded to assure the company’s future. Thus, I am taking the necessary legal steps to ensure this outcome.”

Lara Lavi

Founded in 1991 Death Row housed some of the highest profile hip-hop acts of the 90’s including Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Death Row was purchased out of bankruptcy by Lavi in January 2009.

The court proceedings ended amicably, with Rob Scarcello the Senior Vice President of Sales Marketing with E-1 saying,

“E-1 signed its deal with Lara Lavi, the CEO, President and managing member of Wideawake Death Row Entertainment LLC on the strength of her vision, business sense and goodwill in the entertainment industry. I look forward to our continued working relationship.”