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“It’s amazing how when I get around n*ggas, it’s all good, when I leave, n*ggas do all their secret talking.” 

The second return of Harlem rapper Mase has been one that has baffled fans and artists alike as the former Bad Boy artist has changed his skin on many occasions from rapper to pastor to rapper as if he was on the fence in terms of which lifestyle he preferred to embrace. 

Since his second arrival, he has squashed his beef with Cam’Ron and Jim Jones, given the ability to work with other artists through a paperwork signing with Diddy and has ultimately been gearing up to hit the music scene once again. 

Most recently, the rapper dropped a mixtape with 5 different DJs titled, I Do the Impossible. 

Catching up with DJ Drama last Friday on Shade 45, Betha spoke on the shady business that happened behind closed doors with particular people when he tried to come back the first time.

That’s when he tried to have people “Breathe, Stretch, Shake”, but some had to just let that one go. 

“Every time I get involved with somebody, I’m good.  When I get out of business with everybody, I’m not good.  Anytime somebody can make money with me, they big the homie up.  Every time n*ggas can’t get money with me, they throw their little shots at me.  That lets you know.  For ten 10 years, I haven’t been on the scene, I don’t sell cologne, I don’t sell sneakers, I don’t sell no video games, I don’t sell music and I’m still one of the hottest topics anywhere you go.” 

The rapper also spoke on his brief stint with 50 Cent and G-Unit where he was scrutinized and labeled as being fake for “ditching” his religious teachings and being engulfed by the gun and drug rap revolutionized by Mr. Jackson.

“Me and Fif spoke in 2007 I think.  I think, realistically, a lot of larceny was thrown in that.  People didn’t really see me get a shot.  Fif ain’t do nothin’ but take me on the road and gave me exposure and gave me the opportunity to do what I’m about to do now.  I guarantee I’m about to burn it down.”

The deal was for a moment as 50 stated that Diddy wasn’t willing to compromise which resulted in Mase parting with G-Unit Records. 

“I think a lot of things were said when I wasn’t there that swayed the deal away from happening and Fif is his own man, he made his own decision.  I’m glad he made the decision he made because now this is the destiny.  The destiny was for me to stand on my own and burn the joint down and give ni**as that 9 months that Tupac gave them.”    

Now on his own, the rapper seems to be traveling his own road and now has clarity as to which path he wants to lead in his musical career.  Welcome back…again.