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There was a time when Jimmie “JJ” Walker was relevant, and he’s not quite ready to let go of the public spotlight. The man famous for making “dy-no-mite” part of American television history has found himself in the news for his political views. Yes, that’s right, Walker knows politics. In fact, he likes Ann Coulter but is not fond of President Obama, which is of course, is his prerogative.

Walker was interviewed by Fox News’ host Bill O’Reilly, while promoting his book Dy-no-mite and tore into the POTUS. “I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I don’t think he’s a good guy for the job we have to do,” he said.

(It should be noted that Walker has no official background in politics, or any insight into how to run a country, as he is nothing more than a ‘70s sitcom actor—but again, he’s entitled to his own opinion.)

During the rest of his segment, the 65-year-old accused the Black community of voting for Obama for the wrong reasons. “Sometimes, even a brother, you have to let him go, and he’s not doing the gig.”

O’Reilly instigated the matter by pointing out that Black people would accuse Walker of betraying his race, to which he replied by calling on a quote from another president. “Let’s look at the job that he’s done. I go back to the old Regan slogan ‘Are you doing better now than you were four years ago?’”

Hopefully his political outlook will help him sell a few books, he could probably use the money. the latest video at


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