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Beanie Sigel is putting his support behind controversial candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his 2024 presidential campaign and explained why in a video.

As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, Hip-Hop figures like Beanie Sigel are getting more vocal about who they’d like to see in the White House. For the Philadelphia native and former Roc Nation affiliate, it’s Robert Kennedy Jr. He made a public declaration of support for the independent candidate and nephew of former president John F. Kennedy on Thursday (October 26) in the form of a video he posted on his Instagram account.

“This is actually the first time that me following a presidential campaign that I believe in the person that was running was honest,” he began. “I’m supporting for this upcoming campaign. I had a chance to read over a lot of his policies and the things he wants to bring forth.”

In a direct tone, Beanie Sigel continued: “This is the first time I believe that a person is trying to empower the people, especially my people. I believe he’s honest because you don’t have policies that’s over here and over there. Everything seems to work together and I really believe in it and I’m supporting his campaign.” The Broad Street Bully ended his message succinctly.”I suggest that you support his campaign, especially in the tri-state area. You hearing it from me, Beanie Sigel and I’m supporting Kennedy,” he said.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has gained some notoriety since announcing his run for President. He initially began to campaign as a Democratic candidate but switched his affiliation to become an independent challenger to the incumbent President Joe Biden and leading Republican nominee Donald Trump. Kennedy has been excoriated for touting conspiracy theories claiming vaccines cause medical conditions among other falsehoods.

Despite that, Sigel’s endorsement comes after Kennedy had sent out a photo of himself and Ice Cube along with former campaign manager Dennis Kucinich after a BIG3 game in July. Kennedy called the rapper and entrepreneur a “civil rights leader” in the caption, which led many to question Ice Cube over his intentions. Ice Cube would vehemently defend himself online afterward. “For all the simple-minded short bus people out there. A picture is not an endorsement, dummy. Now get your ass over to bungalow 51 and STFU,” he wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.