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It must be impossible to hold a group of people together and have the expectation that everyone will be on their best behavior.

Monday saw yet another concert for the West Coast duo, the New Boyz, end in violence, but this time it took place in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.

Reported earlier, the duo had to deal with a hostile crowd at the beginning of the month during a free concert in Flint, Michigan at the Genesee Valley Center Mall.

This time around, the event was a benefit concert that took place at the Red Clay Restaurant and was sponsored by Jammin’ WJJS.

Capacity must have been reached as people were forced outside the venue and things started to hit a downward spiral.  Witnesses reported to News 7 that the local authorities started to douse the crowd with pepper spray as they waited in line.

“The police came and stated that it was over-capacitated and that they needed everyone to leave.  We was still on the sidewalk with the kids and the police officers, they threatened the crowd to pepper spray, and so the crowd didn’t move.  And then they maced us and they obtained some kids and it was just a lot of raucous going on and they had the street blocked off.  It was just a lot of problems.”

There are always two completely different sides to a story as police spokeswoman Aisha Johnson denied the alleged account.  According to Johnson, there was one man that was pepper sprayed and detained.

And people wonder why most things in life aren’t free.  Anything that is given without anything expected in return results in chaos in some means.  Why can’t people just sit back and enjoy the music?  If it was at max capacity, does it really matter that certain people wouldn’t be let in?  It’s not as though the view from the back would have helped make matters that much better.