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After winning the Gold in the 400m Men’s swimming competition, Ryan Lochte donned a custom grill with a design of the American flag in red, white and blue diamonds after beating out competitors including eight-time Gold medalist Michael Phelps. We all know the importance of having a grill or fronts in Hip-Hop—it usually means you’re a baller or at least emulating one—which is why it was exciting to see a representative from the United States, and a favorite to win multiple medals, wear such a grandiose-esque piece.

Unfortunately, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) in charge of the two week marathon of athletic excellence, was not having any of it and told the swimmer to he wouldn’t get his Gold medal if he wore his iced out grill to the winner’s podium. It’s strange to think that the IOC would withhold a medal, especially if that medal so happens to be Gold,  for wearing a piece of jewelry as a show of pride for his country. Everything turned out alright in the end; Ryan Lochte got his Gold medal and even got to flaunt his iced out fronts next to his shiny new prize.

This isn’t the first time Ryan showed out for the podium, check out some images in the gallery.


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