Shyne is no longer a Bad Boy and the United States has recognized the change. With the help of Diddy he has returned to America.


Childish Gambino will have to answer for one of his biggest hits. One of his peers claims Donald Glover took elements of his song to make “This Is America”.


The United States is regressing when it comes to the pandemic and other territories have taken notice. One popular travel destination has turned its’ back on our tourist dollars.


After winning the Gold in the 400m Men’s swimming competition, Ryan Lochte donned a custom grill with a design of the American flag in red, white and blue diamonds after beating out competitors including eight-time Gold medalist Michael Phelps. We all know the importance of having a grill or fronts in Hip-Hop—it usually means you’re a […]

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Rappers usually take holidays as an excuse to drop a whole lot of struggle and Independence Day was no different. Luckily, this appropriately themed video was not one of those. Three of hip-hop’s young guns, Mac Miller, Joey Bada$$ and Casey Veggies drop the video for “America” in honor of our country’s birthday. Directed by […]

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Not going to sidestep the fact that Kate Upton is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but as far as personalities go, the 20 year old model hailing out of Michigan seems like the most grounded, easy going chicks (Sorry feminists) ever as evidenced by her interview with GQ magazine for their July/2012 issue. […]


As the economy’s downturn continues to loom over America and employment remains to be a daily issue, the problem is almost magnified for the young males in the Black community. 34.5% of young Black men are unemployed. Reported in October, unemployment for African-American men between the ages of 16 and 24 has skyrocketed.  The percent […]


It seems that a change of strategy was all too inevitable after gay and lesbian support groups were left reeling at the hands of Maine’s citizenry. The new order of the day seems to call for a more personal approach to replace the forceful tone often associated with such groups. Gay rights activists have taken […]

The saying goes that behind every good man there stands a woman and the fact must still remain as it pertains to Kanye West and Amber Rose.  With everything that has erupted since the Taylor Swift incident at the VMAs, West has had his neck pressed by the boot of the media and fans with […]