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Kevin Hart is known for being one of the biggest comedic actors in Hollywood today, but the man has dabbled in action/comedy films for a while now and his latest project seems to fall in that very same vein.

Next year the pint-sized superstar will be starring in Netflix’s new film Lift as Cyrus Whitaker, the leader of a underground criminal syndicate who’ve been tasked by authorities to pull off the heist of the century in order to avoid facing multiple criminal charges. Rounding up his team, Whitaker (Hart) fills them in on the plan which is to lift $500 million in gold bars from an airplane while it’s 40,000 feet in the air.

One can’t even say it’s “easier said than done” as just saying it sounds impossible, but that’s the mission and failure to comply means hard time for Cyrus and his team who are known for money laundering, identity fraud and transportation of stolen property. Needless to say they’ll be rolling the dice in order to keep their freedom.

Giving off some real Fast and Furious vibes, Lift seems like it will be quite the comedic joy ride accompanied with action sequences for guys and girls who like guy movies.

Check out the trailer to Lift below and let us know if you’ll be checking for it when it hits Netflix on January 12 in the comment section below.