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Snoop Dogg & His Son Launch Death Row Gaming

Source: Dia Dipasupil / Getty / Snoop Dogg / Cordell Broadus

Snoop Dogg is looking to do more than give out Death Row chains since acquiring the iconic music label. He is teaming up with his son, Cordell Broadus, to help put minority creators and gamers on the map.

Spotted on HypeBeast, the iconic Hip-Hop star and his seed are working together to give minority creators and artists a platform to develop and publish on Fortnite using the company’s Unreal Editor.

Broadus made the dope announcement while speaking at AFROTECH.

Per HypeBeast:

“We’ve been creating games, and none of them has been published anything on a huge scale, but on a very amateur level,” Broadus told AFROTECH. “We’ve been around games for the last five to six years. And Snoop, he’s done mobile games. A few of them in the past five to six years in apps and stuff like that. So we’ve always had the mindset of building it on our own.”

He added, “We felt like let’s really put resources into building Death Row Games and making a home for diverse creators in the gaming ecosystem and be a part of the narrative, the storytelling of what the next game should be looking like. And I keep saying ‘show representation of the culture in these sectors,’ versus us just being the talent. We wanted to make sure that we’re part of the decision that’s being made and more importantly tell these stories from diverse creators and focus on creatives in underserved communities. 

Calvin Broadus Is Excited To Work With His Dad

Broadus, 26, also opened up about working alongside his father, a passionate gamer in his own right, who was most recently linked with FaZe Clan as an investor before he left the struggling gaming organization’s board of directors.
“I think it’s dope for a father and a son to be working together for one, and for two he’s 51 years old. So he may be out of touch with some of these things.” He continued, “And I’m always there to keep him up to speed and translate information to him in a tone that he can understand. I think that’s more important… but just as much as I’m giving him game he’s given me the keys to make these decisions with a IP as big as his.”
Salute to both of them. We hope Death Row Gaming accomplishes its mission by opening the doors for Black and Brown creators in the video game space.
Photo: Dia Dipasupil / Getty