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By now, everyone has settled into referring to Tity Boi as 2 Chainz.” The rapper’s early days were spent being 50% of DTP rap outfit Playaz Circle, before taking his show solo. Now it’s 2012 and Mr. Chainz has taken over the game. The Atlanta rapper’s bran new album Based On a T.R.U. Story is out today, the second glimpse into 2 Chainz’s reinvented career (the other, for most besides the truly devoted of fans,  was his mixtape T.R.U. REALigion). 

So what exactly is a 2 Chainz? Taken literally, it means that he likes to rock, well, two chains. We have proof, though, that 2 Chainz isn’t being entirely true to form. Sometimes he’s wearing 20 chains, other times he’s wearing none. It’s all so confusing. Check out some flicks of 2 Chainz not representing the double chained life properly, by either having too much or too little. Stick to the correct number, Chainz, or else it’s back to Tity Boi!


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