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With the release of Wale’s debut album Attention Deficit and Drake not missing a step as his buzz grows larger, their feels like a void from a particular Man on the Moon who hasn’t been in the light as heavily lately.

Kid Cudi, however, is springing himself back into the forefront as he is gearing up to release the visual to “Pursuit of Happiness” from his own debut which dropped back in September.

The visual is directed by Brody Baker and produced by actor Josh Hartnett. 

Recently being accompanied by Drake during a show in Toronto, as well as linking up with Lady Gaga, the kid from Cleveland has been heavy on his touring and establishing himself on the road.

Taking a quick break from stage performances, Cudi was able to catch up with MTV and give a glimpse into the music video in progress.

“I just saw the first rough cut the other day. Drake is in it. He has a cameo … a bunch of my homies that I knew coming up.”

Clearly fame hasn’t gotten to his head as he is still able to embrace those that he came up with him and is willing to bring them along for the flight as he makes the climb to his own success. 

“We were just kicking it. When you see the video, it just makes me feel good, because I’m seeing all my friends and people that matter in my life. We were all celebrating. It’s like a New Year’s Eve-type thing. Everybody’s just getting wasted.”

Now what’s a party without a little alcohol to set everything in motion?

Along with touring with Lady Gaga, the young rapper also finished the filming on the first season of his new series on HBO titled, How to Make It In America.  Cudi stated that he will play a character named Domingo Dean who will be good friends with the main characters of the show.  His role, as stated by him, is definitely serving as the comic relief.

The actual show revolves around two young entrepreneurs who are in the pursuit of their own happiness and find a means to hustle their way to achieve the American dream. 

Cudi is also already back in the studio ready to bring a second dose of music as he is working on Cudder which is slated to be a collabo album.  So far, Snoop Dogg and Travis Barker have accepted the invite and he is currently waiting on word from the likes of Green Day and Kings of Leon.