Just when the city of Detroit earned some positive press via a 10-year-old boy who raised $3,000 to help the city out, comes a story of senseless violence. Police are hoping to find a man who opened fire on a 3-year-old girl after verbally disrespecting her.

The situation occurred after Latina Edwards told her neighbor to stop addressing her young daughter—Amyria Parham— and other girls in the neighborhood with offensive language. He responded by shooting the child.

“I told him don’t talk to my daughter no more because he was calling her and her friend ‘h*es’. My daughter is 3 years old. She don’t know what a h*e is,” she said.

As the verbal exchange got heated, Edwards ran to a friend’s van to get away from the unidentified suspect, who is said to be in his 20s. He shot bullets into the car, striking Parham. “He directly pointed the gun at the vehicle and shot it up,” Edwards recalled.

Parham was taken to Children’s Hospital in Detroit, where she is expected to recover, but her mother is understandably shook by the incident. “I’m her only protection”, she said.

Edwards is five month pregnant and has no plans of returning to the neighborhood. Police are asking anyone with information on the crime to call the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Detroit Police Department at 313-596-1340.


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