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Contrary to what some believe, Mr. MFN eXquire isn’t looking to build a career around the shock value his name creates. The young Brooklyn MC is actually a very cerebral individual, who creates music by infusing his revolutionary thoughts with the youthful vibrancy all while being a representative of 2012 Brooklyn. Considering this, eXquire’s recent connection with legendary photographer and educator Jamel Shabazz was just the universe doing its duty. Luckily for us, Rolling Stone was there to capture this meeting of the minds.

Shabazz, who’s created a rich legacy by chronicling “Urban Life” in New York City, was admittedly a fan of the Brooklyn MC prior to their meeting. By the esteemed photographer’s standards, eXquire is a “young, dynamic, intelligent up and coming superstar,” who’s energy sparked his interest. “So when you come in contact with a person like that you want to spend some time and kind of like see what’s in his mind because of what he has. His greatness.”

Mr. MFN eXquire’s life has took a 180 last year, when he spent days at a dead end security job writing what would become his mixtape, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. Today, he’s a recent Universal Republic Records signee trying to make it in Hip-Hop. Tactical in his language, the Brooklyn MC began by introducing himself and explaining the origin of his name.

“It’s a lot of reasons I have that name. I just don’t have it for no reason or ’cause it sounds cool or ’cause I’m ignorant,” said eXquire who likens the “MFN” in his name to his middle finger, which was the only part of his body not affected by his jaundice during infancy. “I just came out of the womb with a ‘F-ck the world’ mentality.” The “Chicken Spot Rock” MC furthered his explanation by equating “eXquire” to prestige and placing a capitalized emphasis on the “X” because it signifies his unknown potential.

Mr. MFN eXquire and Shabazz had a lengthy conversation to create a synergy before the shoot, during which Shabazz asks the rapper how he became interested in hip-hop. “You from the projects, you from the ghetto. That’s just your voice,” said the Brooklyn MC. Well said good man. Well said.

Check out the full dialogue between eXquire and Shabazz below. Fans should also be on the look out for the October release of Mr. MFN eXquire’s Power and Passion, his debut EP for Universal Republic Records.


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Photo: Mel D. Cole