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Veteran producer Prince Paul has enjoyed a career that spans well over 25 years, making his debut with 80’s Hip-Hop band Stetsasonic. Providing sample-laden beats for De La Soul and grimier fare with the Gravediggaz (featuring Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA), Prince Paul continues to innovate and entertain as a DJ, joining forces with his son DJ P. Forreal by turning their successful Ustream show and stage play Negroes On Ice into a Hip-Hop/Comedy album of the same name for a September release.

Prince Paul is no stranger to the idea of a concept album; this after producing the critically-acclaimed and star-studded Hip-Hop musical LP A Prince Among Thieves. Negroes On Ice focuses its attention on how a father and son, both rap fans, forge a connection via music and how they’re attempting to bridge the gap through Hip-Hop. Via a released statement for the album, Prince Paul was excited to be working alongside his son in the profession where he found fame.

“I never knew my son was this creative or better yet, I took it for granted. I never paid attention to his music, his DJ’ing and his writing, but once I did, I was like ‘Wow, it would be cool to do something together,’” said Prince Paul. DJ P. Forreal added, “”Even though it was a partnership there’s always going to be a father-son dynamic. My dad taught me how to do things, how to record and at the same time might tell me to go to the dishes after a recording session!”

Prince Paul and son are mum about features on the album, but promise “very special guests” from the Hip-Hop and comedy arenas. With Prince Paul working with comedian Chris Rock in the past, could there be a reunion on the horizon?

Negroes On Ice is slated for a September 25 release.

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