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Nardo Wick is speaking out after footage went wide of one of his fans being brutally sucker punched for seeking a photo In Tampa, Fla. Wick says that he can’t control the actions of his friends and that the moment upset him and has been in contact with the fan.

Taking to Instagram to share a Notes post, Nardo Wick opened up the statement regarding the fan that was socked by openly stating that he in no way endorsed the punch from his entourage.

“I don’t condone what happened to my fan George after my show in any type of way,” Nardo Wick began. ” I expressed to him and his mama how sorry and concerned I was that it happened to him, multiple times before anything was posted to the Internet.”

Wick added, “I sent his mama my number instantly the night it happened. I was even gone make a post to try to find out who he was before his mama text me.”

The Florida rapper went on to say, “I cant control another grown man actions, I ain’t know that was gone happen, and I was mad when it happened. I tried to stop it as u can see in the video, and if somebody got the longer video you can see how mad I was, I love and appreciate all my fans and don’t condone what happened at all dat sh*t ain’t gangsta or cool in no type of way.”

Salute to Nardo Wick for speaking up. Some online feel that he should still put his homeboys on blast and take them off the entourage list if they can’t control their fists.

Photo: Scott Dudelson / Getty