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Being a career criminal is no easy feat, and Doris Thompson has been unwavering in her commitment to a life of crime. While burglars come from all walks of life, and fall into several different age groups, at 82, Thompson might be among the older repeat offenders.

Thompson has a 21-page rap sheet dating back to 1955, and is showing no signs of slowing down. The elderly woman was arrested in a El Segundo, Calif. motel Thursday (Aug. 30) for a string of burglaries in doctors’ offices that allegedly nabbed her $17,000.

Police were able to identify Thompson for the crimes by viewing her on surveillance cameras.

Authorities believe that Thompson visited doctors near Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and hid in the locations until after closing. Once everyone was gone, she came out of hiding, searched for keys to open lock boxes, and grabbed cash.

Having been arrested at least nine times for burglary, at this point the career criminal could care less about doing more prison time. “I’m 80 years old,” she said two years ago, when she pleaded guilty to stealing $1,400 in cash and other items from a medical office. “I don’t think I’ll ever come back — except I’m going to die and be in the morgue.”

Prosecutors said in 2010, that giving her more jail time would do little since burglaries are “her thing.”

Last November, Thompson was paroled and let back out onto the streets, where she got back into her old habits.

Thompson says she wouldn’t have to resort to breaking the law if the “government gave us more money.” She is expected to face charges Tuesday (Sept. 4), and is being held on $80,000 bail.


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