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Federal prosecutors are recommending that Jesse Jackson Jr. be sentenced to four years in prison for alleged corruption. Jackson, who stepped down as Congressman earlier in the year, is accused of misappropriating $750,000 in campaign funds to cover his lavish personal expenses. 

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Roy Hibbert is wishing he took note of the nuances between “pause” and “no homo” right about now. The Indiana Pacer’s use of the latter during a post-game press conference has led to him receiving a $75,000 fine by the NBA.

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The U.S. Labor Department released the job report for the month of March and the figures are far from encouraging. The economy added only 88,000 new jobs over the month, while the unemployment rate dropped from 7.7 percent in February to  7.6 percent.


If any rappers are looking to flex their financial status, then a $91,500 Hermes shirt might do the trick. The luxury designer brand is selling a T-shirt made of  crocodile and chiffon, rather than the breathable material known as cotton.

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 Joe Biden knows how to run up a tab. The vice president traveled to Paris for one night, last month, and racked up a hotel bill of  more than $500,000.


Rumor has it that Girl Scout cookies are pretty addicting. Here’s proof. A man in South Carolina was arrested in a cookie-grabbing heist worth a reported value of $19,0000.

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Drake may have started from the bottom, but his cash flow is definitely top tier. The Toronto rapper was in Charlotte for CIAA weekend and proceeded to drop $50,000 in cash at a local strip club.

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Rappers and tax issues go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Snoop Dogg is the latest in the long line of artists to lien with it and rock with it. 

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The call of the chicken wing is apparently very strong. Two men in Doraville, Ga. were arrested Wednesday (Jan. 23), in an elaborate scheme to jack nearly $70,000 worth of chicken wings.

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50 Cent has stepped into yet another legal battle, this time with his onetime headphones partner Sleek Audio. On January 9, he filed suit seeking $261,000 from the headphones manufacturer. According to All Hip Hop, the latest filing comes just as the Queens rapper won a separate lawsuit against a man claiming he stole Before […]

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Some people will do anything to turn the heads of the opposite s-x, but this doesn’t seem like a good move. Datta Phuge of India wants a woman so badly that he spent $22,754 (£14, 000) on a gold shirt.


When it rains it pours, and Ryan Leslie is submerged in bad news at the moment.  Late last week, a judge tacked on an additional $180,000 on top of the $1 million he must pay for the recovery of his stolen laptop. The extra fee has been added to cover the interest acquired on the […]