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The call of the chicken wing is apparently very strong.

Two men in Doraville, Ga. were arrested Wednesday (Jan. 23), in an elaborate scheme to jack nearly $70,000 worth of chicken wings. The suspects, Dewayne Patterson and Renaldo Jackson, are accused of moving 10 pallets of frozen chicken wings from a local storage facility, to either kick off the biggest Super Bowl party known to man, or sell the meat pieces and make some extra money.

Both Patterson and Jackson were employees at Nordic Cold Storage, during the chicken run which occurred on Jan. 12 . According to police, at around noon the men backed up an “Enterprise rental truck to one of the bay doors and loaded 10 pallets of Tyson frozen chicken wings.” Jackson, 26 was said to be the driver while Patterson, 35, was the lookout.

Patterson and Jackson were each charged with one count of felony theft by taking, and released the same day on $2,950 bond.

The wings however are still unaccounted for, and with the Super Bowl less than a month away, a shortage of bird parts might be imminent— at least in the area of Georgia where the heist when down. That said, the American Chicken Council has issued a statement calming the mass hysteria, and assuring the chicken lovers of America that things will be just fine in time for the biggest sporting event of the year. “The good news for consumers is that restaurants plan well in advance to ensure they have plenty of wings for the big game,” said a source for the association.

Americans are expected to ingest roughly 1.2 billion chicken wing portions during the Super Bowl, this according to the ACC’s 2013 “Wing Report.”


Photo: AJC