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Drake may have started from the bottom, but his cash flow is definitely top tier. The Toronto rapper was in Charlotte for CIAA weekend and proceeded to drop $50,000 in cash at a local strip club.

According to TMZ:

These pics are INSANE … Drake rolled into a strip club in Charlotte, opened a CARDBOARD BOX filled with bricks of cash, and TMZ has pics of the $50,000 rainstorm he unleashed on the dancers.

It all went down at Cameo Nightclub, and by the time Drake was done there was so much cash … it literally carpeted the floor.

Interestingly, Drizzy got a little bit of assistance from BMF.

We’re told another rapper named Bleu Davinci chipped in an additional $25,000.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether Drake has real street cred … or if he’s just a poser with a privileged upbringing.

But wait, why do you need “street cred” to throw money at naked chicks in the club? Just saying, let Drizzy cook. It’s also a guarantee that the resident pole athletes have no problem with who is soliciting their services.

The good folks at blessed us with photos from the weekend and needless to Cameo was the place to be. Also in the spot were Basketball Wives L.A. star Draya Michelle (who dancing with a scripper), Meek Mill and Ace Hood.

Check out photos from the rainstorm (of cash) that the “Take Care” brought with him to Charlotte, and more, in the gallery.

Photo: Prince Williams/

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