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50 Cent has stepped into yet another legal battle, this time with his onetime headphones partner Sleek Audio. On January 9, he filed suit seeking $261,000 from the headphones manufacturer.

According to All Hip Hop, the latest filing comes just as the Queens rapper won a separate lawsuit against a man claiming he stole Before I Self Destruct.

G-Unit’s front man claims that Sleek Audio never lived up to the terms of their contract for the “Sleek by 50” wireless headphones he was to introduce and promote. He attests that G-Unit LLC and Sleek entered into an agreement in early 2011 but by May, they split.

Additionally, Sleek claims that 50 was the one who ended the business relationship.

50 alleges that Sleek signed a promissory note to pay $285,000 plus interest before July 31, 2011, but failed to do so. Sleek had another opportunity to pay 50 after nabbing over $750,000 via private offerings, and still did not settle the debt.  The disagreement went into arbitration following the first filing of the suit last August, in which he was awarded the money, but the rapper has now turned his focus to a court for confirmation of the decision.

Sleek contends that the dispute should have gone into mediation prior to the filing of the lawsuit.